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May, 2017 Newsletter
 Membership New Member Applications: There were six new amateur applications presented to the board for review and voting.  Nicholas Gahlaman, sponsored by Jack Sobczak and Cheri Lewitzke will work at the spring and summer hunting tests in May and July. Motion made by Tom McLeod and seconded by Carl Matuszeski to approve his membership.  motion passed.  Jon Tollefson, sponsored by Layne Fohr and Dan Feisthammel, will work at the spring and fall field trials and the summer hunting test in July and grounds work days.  Motion made by Kevin Kruziger and seconded by Dave Juedes to approve Jon Tollesfson for membership.  Motion passed.  W. Jack Haye, sponsored by Dana Williams and Steve Toth, will work at both the spring and summer hunting tests.  Motion by Carl Matuszeski and seconded by Tom McLeod to approve Jack for membership.  Warren Maurer, sponsored by Jim Powers and Carl Matuszeski, will work at the spring field trial and spring hunting test and the June grounds date.  Motion by Tom McLeod and seconded by Jeff Hintz to approve Warren Maurer for membership.  Chad Zeman sponsored by Andrew Ehrsam and Cheri Lewitzke will work at the spring and summer hunting tests and grounds work days. Motion made by Nan Hegerty and seconded by Sue Korsheid to approve Chad Zeman for membership.  John Pena, a returning member, sponsored by Ted Lewin and Dick Reesman, will work the spring hunting test and fall field trial.  Motion by Tom Mcleod and seconded by Carl Matuszeski to approve John for membership.  Motion passed. Membership Report/Issues:  The secretary gave a membership status report.  He reported that it was a good year for renewals in that the current membership was responsive to the renewal deadlines.  There were 7 people who did not rejoin for 2017 including:  Ben Johnson, Bill Benson, Nancy Lewin, Rich Pyka, Nathan Skoug, Tom Running and Phil Yonk.  All left in good standing.  All members except Nancy Lewin paid their assessments.  She indicated that she will work her 2 unworked days from 2016 at events in 2017.  The secretary reported on the four guest passes that were issued:  Jamie Brown, sponsored by Betsy Fritz ($100); Kurt Hallgren, client of Dave Ward ($100); Bob  Williams sponsored by Alex Britton ($100); and Bill Benson, client of Mike Lardy ($100).The 2017 membership stats are as follows:  79 working amateur membership (including 6 recently joined), one non-working amateur, 4 professional working memberships (Lardy, Spittel, Ward and Cates) 2 professional non-working memberships (Smith and Attar), 26 life members, and 4 honorary members for a total of 116. . ‘Possible’ Conflict of Interest, Board of Directors:  Jeff Hintz alerted the board to possible conflicts of interest that may arise when members of other clubs may be able to influence WAFTC board decision and not have our board in their best interest in mind.  The board potentially could become out of balance with the addition of members from other clubs.  Tom McLeod volunteered to to consult an attorney to draw up a rough draft of  conflict of interest policy.  Will finalize at July meeting.  Website Update.  Rich Barnett gave a status report of the club’s website.  He has been working on a method to automate the club’s reporting of work days.  The website has recorded a lot of activity.  In March the website had 350 visitors with most contacts being first time viewers. Treasurer’s Report:  This report covers activity from January 1, 2017 through May 8, 2017.  All bills had been paid and here was a balance of $47,491.12 in the general checking account; $1,791.09 in the hunting test account; $71.67 in the field trial account and $2,720.75 in the memorial fund for a grand total in all accounts of $52,074.63.  The mortgage has a balance of $128,580.55.  Motion made by Paul Lampert and seconded by Nan Hegerty to approve the treasurer’s report and to move money to pay for the Tom Koback memorial from the memorial fund to the general fund.  Motion passed. Grounds Grounds Maintenance:  Chairperson Jeff Hintz reported that 7 hardworking club members showed up for the February 25 work day.  The work crew removed trees on the west end removed overhanging trees on west shore and removed brush on the south end of the railroad pond. Also removed were dead trees along the east road on the clubhouse property.  They also cleaned up the washout at the entrance to the Ev Hosea grounds.  Also on the Hosea grounds, brush and overhanging branches were cleaned up on the big hill.  Jeff has made 33 holding blind poles to replace old and damaged poles.  He also purchased a new canopy to replace the damaged item.  We now have a total of 4 canopies.  The next work day is scheduled for June 3.  The road maintenance has a balance of $2,200 after $800 was spent on the shed floor. Freezer Purchase:  As the request for a used freezer has not been answered, a motion made by Rich Barnett and seconded by Carl Matuszeski to authorize Jeff Hintz to purchase  a chest freezer for the club at a cost not to exceed $700.  Motion passed.  (Update.)  Jeff has located a 17 cf freezer and will bring it to the club grounds. Grounds Improvements:  Chairperson, Pat Corteen reported that muskrat abatement project has been completed around the ponds on the Ev Hoaea grounds.  The shed floor has been graded and finished.  Positive comments on the grading have been received.  The water control project o the Ev Hosea grounds has not been started as yet.  It is too wet and area is flooded.  Permits for project have been secured.  Pat reported that significant damage has been done to the west end of the property by trespassing vehicles.  Pat personally installed two gate posts at the entry to the Ev Hosea property.  He went on to explain the delay in the installation of the water control project.  Town and Country has all the materials for the water control mechanism and will aim to have the project completed after the field trial but before the hunting test.  Pat will attempt to get Town and Country to complete the project between June 19 and July 4 of this year. Tom Kobach Memorial:  Dick Reesman and Rich Barnett showed a mockup of the aluminum sign to  be placed at the newly constructed north entrance to the clubhouse grounds.  The price of the post and sign is $133.  A work crew will be assembled to erect the post and gate.  Motion made by Nan Hegrety and seconded by Tom McLeod to approve the content and format of the sign.  Motion passed. Ev Hosea Property Gate:  Comment was made that the club may need a gate at the entrance to the Ev Hosea property to prevent unwanted vehicle traffic.  Motion made by Tom McLeod and seconded by Carl Matuszeski to have Town and Country install gate posts at the entrance to the property, then install gate that will span the 22 foot opening.  Motion passed.  (Update).  Rich Barnett reported that a work party of 3 finished the task.  It was suggested that the sign be turned towards the road.  Each member of the work party (Chip Milner, Dick Reesman and Rich Barnett) will be credited with a work day. Events Spring Field Trial:  Newsletter prepared in advance of the trial, however Tom McLeod has assured all aspects have been well managed for a successful event.  Spring Hunting Test :  Co-chairperson, Rich Barnett reported that things are going well for the event on May 27-29.  There were some issues with the Qualifying stake (coordinator and marshals).  Kitchen was covered. Fall Field Trial:  Presently, we do not have a chairperson.  Chairperson does not have to come from the board.  Mark Tesch will contact some club members to fill that position for the fall event.  Judges slate is complete.  Marty Kirby and Tom Vaughn will be judging the Open.  Nan Hegerty said she would take the field trial secretary position if she could work hand-in-hand with Judy Powers. NARC Workers Party Donation:  The secretary read a letter from Ann Heise requesting donations for the workers party.  The ‘National Amateur Retriever Club Championship’ will be held in Mondovi, WI in June.  Motion made by Kevin Kreuziger and seconded to Tom McLeod to donate $100 to the NARC workers party.  Motion passed   Please see the May, 2017 Newsletter Archive for the complete Newletter.
Event Chairs
Spring Licensed Field Trial D. Dallesasse (920) 539-7050 Tom McLeod (262) 673-4869 Fall Licensed Field Trial D. Dallesasse (920) 539-7050 Tom McLeod (262) 673-4869 Field Trial Secretary Judy Powers (920) 565-3441 Spring Licensed Hunt Test Paul Lampert (920) 885-0388 Summer Licensed Hunt Test Paul Lampert (920) 885-0388 Rich Barnett (920) 994-2266 Hunting Test Secretary Sue Dorscheid (920) 246-3075 Grounds: Jeff Hintz (262) 894-3501 Newsletter: Gary L. Epple (262) 662-1038
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