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February, 2018 Newsletter
 Membership Membership Report: As of January 6th board meeting, the secretary reported 95 out of 118 membership applications have been received - about 80% - $7,100 had been received in dues and $3,450 received in assessments. Members not renewing to date for 2018 include Steve Bejma, Leonard Gums, Jason Kraus, Keegan O’Hearn, Steve Toth, Dick Wurtz, Stan Bullock, Ted Lewin, Chad Melotte, John Tollefson, Hilda Wood and Jack Loppnow. All have satisfied their work requirement assessments and are leaving the club in good standing Board Resignation: Kevin Kreuziger announced that he must resign from the board due to health reasons. Kevin was thanked with a standing applause and thanked for his many years of dedication to the club and board especially for his service to matters concerning the grounds. . ‘2018 Board Members: The opening and tabulating of the sealed ballots was entrusted to Judy Powers and her assistant Mary Dallesasse. The secretary announced the results of the election. Elected board members to serve three-year terms ending in 2020 included: Dick Dallesasse, Paul Lampert, Jim Powers (incumbents) and Nancy Bauer and Dana Williams (new board members). Motion made by Dick Reesman and seconded by Nan Hegerty to appoint Jeff Schilz to Kevin Kreuziger’s unexpired board term. Motion passed.  Election of Officers: Treasurer: Motion made by Carl Matuszeski and seconded by Tom McLeod to nominate Paul Lampert for treasurer. Paul accepted. Motion passed. Secretary: Motion made by Carl Matuszeski and seconded by Tom McLeod to nominate Jim Powers for secretary. Jim accepted. Motion passed. Vice President: Motion made by Paul Lampert and seconded by Nan Hegerty to nominate Tom McLeod for Vice-President. Tom accepted. Motion passed. President: Motion made by Paul Lampert and seconded by Dave Juedes to nominate Mark Tesh for President. Mark accepted. Motion passed. Financial Treasurer’s Report: Paul Lampert’s report covered activity from January 1 through December 31, 2017. All bills have been paid. There was a balance of $34,869.59 in the general checking account; $1,231.37 in the hunting test account; $10,464.90 in the field trial account for a grand total of $46,565.86. The current mortgage balance is $114,823.46. Paul mentioned that he had approached property owner Ulmer to see if he would lease a parcel of about 9 or 10 acres east of Nobel Rd to WAFTC. Paul did not get a commitment. Motion by Kevin Kreuziger and seconded by Carl Matuszeski to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion passed. Budget vs Expenses for 2017: Paul Lampert distributed a report of budgeted and actual expenses for 2017. Budgeted revenue was $48,125 and actual was $46,423, a difference of $1,702. Budgeted expenses were $38,767 with actual expenses of $37,776, a difference of $711. Budget Proposal for 2018: Paul Lampert distributed a report of budgeted revenue and expenses for 2018. Budgeted revenue was projected at $42,075 and expenses at $39,342 with an increase in cash reserves at $2,733. Motion by Jim Powers and seconded by Kevin Kreuziger to accept 2018 budget proposal. Committee Reports Grounds Work Days: Grounds chairperson Carl Matuszeski announced work dates will be February 10th and June 2nd. Grounds Committee Report: Chairperson, Dave Juedes distributed copies of the 5 prioritized grounds projects for 2018. These projects were also listed in the November 6, 2017 board meeting minutes. There was a discussion on all projects and monies available to complete. Motion by Nan Hegerty and seconded by Rich Barnett to move ahead and complete Item #1 before the April meeting and stop with the first project. (Lay gravel in the road at the top of the hill to a length of 300 feet at a cost of about $2,500). Motion passed. The remaining projects will be dealt with at the April board meeting. Events Spring Licensed Field Trial: Dates for the event are May 11, 12, 13. Open judges: Lauren Morehouse and Gary Mcllwain; Amateur judges: Chris VanEmerian and Cary Hunkel; and Derby/Qual judges: Carol Morehouse and Tom Running. Dick Dallesasse and Tom McLeod will take the Chairperson position and Michelle Chalupka will take on the food service challenge. Spring Hunting Test: Dates of the event are May 26, 27 and 28th. Rich Barnett is the chair. There is a conflict with the Master Amateur National over dates and kitchen assignments. All judges have been confirmed. Horicon Marsh Hunting Retriever Club Event: Mark Tesch again received a request from Cheri Lewitzke to use WAFTC grounds for its hunting test. Set up day will be Friday June 15 with testing to be done on June 16 and 17. Financial arrangements will be the same as in the past. Motion made by Paul Lampert and seconded by Nan Hegerty to approve the HMHRC request for use of WAFTC grounds for 2018. Motion passed. Summer Hunting Test: Event scheduled for July 29 and 30 on WAFTC grounds. Ozaukee Retriever Club: The club now has AKC approval to hold a licensed field trial. Dates for the trial are October 4, 5, 6 and 7, 2018. Motion by Paul Lampert and seconded by Rich Barnett to allow the newly formed Ozaukee Retriever Club to use/lease the Ev Hosea Club grounds to hold its trial on club grounds at a rate of $500 plus $5.00 per dog. Twelve board members voted YES and one voted NO. Motion passed. Announcement and Correspondence The secretary read a card from Pat Corteen thanking the board for the thoughtful gift of a fruit basket while he was in the hospital. The secretary also read a letter from the Bird Dog Foundation thanking the club for its generous donation to the Retriever Building and Endowment Fund of the Bird Dog Foundation. Conflict of Interest Policy: The secretary distributed copies of the policy. There was a lengthy discussion regarding how it applied to the board members. It was determined to remove the signature line. Motion made by Dave Juedes and seconded by Paul Lampert to remove paragraph #5 and to accept the remainder of the policy. It will then be included in the club’s policy and procudures. Website Report: Web Master, Rich Barnett reported on status and usage. He stated there was a short outage that was resolved. Unique Visits averaged 362 per month. Plans for next year include updating many of the photographs illustrated in the current pages, adding aerial footage of our grounds, updating the members only page with updated policy documents and adding worker hours. Banquet photographs and awards will be added by the end of January   Please see the February, 2018 Newsletter Archive for the complete Newletter.
Event Chairs
Spring Licensed Field Trial D. Dallesasse (920) 539-7050 Tom McLeod (262) 673-4869 Fall Licensed Field Trial Not assigned Spring Licensed Hunt Test Rich Barnett (847) 878-0269 Summer Licensed Hunt Test Rich Barnett (847) 878-0269 Hunting Test Secretary Sue Dorscheid (920) 246-3075 Grounds: Carl Matuszeski (920) 689-2396 Newsletter: Gary L. Epple (262) 662-1038
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