Web Master
Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club
While much of the content of the WAFTC website is available for public consumption, there is certain information reserved for members only. When you click the “Enter” button below, you will be directed to enter a user name and password.  To keep it simple, the user name will be the same for all members, i.e., “WAFTCmember” (note that this entry is case sensitive).  The password is “WAFTCnnnn” where “nnnn” is the current gate code.  When prompted, your entries should be as follows: User Name: WAFTCmember Password: WAFTCnnnn  (replace “nnnn” with the current gate code.)
Please contact Rich Barnett to report any problems with the website. Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements or would like to contribute to any of the information, please forward them to: webmaster@waftc.org
WAFTC Members Only
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